How to Buy Bitcoin from Zebpay Online (Step by Step Guide)

How to invest in bitcoin? From which bitcoin exchange should I start bitcoin trading? If such questions are coming into your mind then you’re on right place. Here, on IlaInfo, we try to provide all necessary information that you’ll need to start bitcoin trading. There are many bitcoin exchanges in India to buy and sell bitcoins. I think you already know what are the best bitcoin wallet companies in India; if you don’t know then you can read trusted bitcoin exchanges in India to buy bitcoin. Zebpay is one of the best bitcoin wallet companies which allows you to buy bitcoin through its mobile application. So in this tutorial I’ll be discussing on how to buy bitcoin from Zebpay online.

In my recent post I’ve shown you how to create Zebpay bitcoin wallet account to buy bitcoin in India. If you’re a new reader then first I would like to inform you we’ve started a two posts series on Zebpay bitcoin wallet. In the first post we’ve created a bitcoin wallet account on Zebpay and now this post is for those whose accounts have been verified on Zebpay. You probably know that to invest in bitcoin first you’ll need to create a bitcoin wallet account therefore if you’ve not created bitcoin trading account on Zebpay yet then I suggest you first read this post how to create Zebpay bitcoin wallet account online.

Once your account gets verified from Zebpay then you’re ready to buy bitcoin. As mentioned earlier, there are four stages to buy bitcoin from Zebpay, which are:

  1. Create an account on Zebpay – Sign up to get free bitcoin worth Rs. 100.
  2. Wait for verification process which takes 2-3 days
  3. Add money to your Zebpay bitcoin wallet
  4. Buy bitcoin.

First two stages have been covered in part 1 post whose link is here, and rest of the two will be covered in this post.

Note: Zebpay does not accept direct bank deposits therefore you will have to transfer fund to Zebpay through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS only. Don’t worry! If you’re using mobile banking or internet banking service then I’ll tell you how to do so. And also fund should be transferred from the same bank account that you’ve added to your Zebpay bitcoin wallet, otherwise, transaction will be failed and you will be charged Rs. 250 as penalty.

How to Buy Bitcoin from Zebpay Online –

As you know I’ve divided this tutorial in four parts and part 1 and part 2 are in my first post so we’re going to continue from part 3 and part 4.

Part 3: Add Money to Your Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet –

To buy bitcoin from Zebpay, first, we need to load money into our Zebpay bitcoin wallet. So let’s do that then we’ll buy bitcoin.

buy bitcoin from zebpay

Open your Zebpay app and get access to your bitcoin wallet by using your login credentials. From the main page of the app, tap on “deposit”.

In the next step, enter amount that you want to load to your bitcoin wallet. Then tap on RTGS/NEFT/IMPS.

buy bitcoin from zebpay bitcoin wallet

Next read screen instructions carefully and tap on “agree & continue”. You may need to tap on the same button for three times.

Now note down Zebpay account details; in which you’ve to transfer fund through NEFT/RTGS/IMPS. You can also take screenshot of that page. After that tap on next.

buy bitcoin from zebpay wallet

In the next step, Zebpay will show you your account details; from which amount should be transferred. Simply swipe down and hit “place deposit order”.

On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter transaction details such as payment reference number (You will get it from your bank once you transfer the amount). So to fill out this page first we’ll need to transfer fund to Zebpay bitcoin wallet. For that purpose, simply login to your mobile banking service or internet banking service and do RTGS/NEFT/IMPS. Once you’re done, just note down payment reference number or transaction number (check account statement to find it).

If it’s difficult for you then let me help you. Just see how did I do it. This way you’ll get an idea. I’m going to use SBI Anywhere mobile banking app to transfer fund.

How to transfer fund to Zebpay Account?

Important: If you’re trying to transfer more than Rs. 25,000 than first add Zebpay IT Private Limited as a beneficiary.

As mentioned earlier, I’m using SBI Anywhere mobile banking app to transfer fund to Zebpay. I am going to send Rs. 6000 to Zebpay because I made a deposit request of this amount. You can use your bank’s mobile banking or internet banking service to do so. Steps would be similar for all banks.

transfer fund to zebpay wallet

Get access to your SBI Anywhere app and follow these steps: Tap on Fund Transfer > Quick Transfer > Send Money > Pay Using Account Details > Confirm > Enter OTP that you received on your mobile number.

Here are some important links for you:

Once you transfer fund from your bank account to Zebpay, next you’ll need to check your account statement to find payment reference number.

If you’re using SBI Anywhere App then here are the steps to check account statement: tap on My Accounts > Mini- Statement > Then look for Zebpay IT Private Limited URN number (See screenshot below).

sbi payment reference number

Similarly if your account belongs to some other bank then just check mini-statement or account statement of your bank and try to find Zebpay IT Private Limited transaction/payment reference number.

buy bitcoin from zebpay exchange

Now go back to Zebpay page and tap on one option (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS) and then enter your payment reference number. Subsequently, tap on submit.

That’s it. On the next page you’ll be able to read “Payment reference has been successfully sent.” Now within 24 hours your bitcoin wallet will be loaded with the amount that you’ve transferred to Zebpay. In case deposit does not reflect in your account contact to Zebpay.

Part 4: Buy Bitcoin from Zebpay –

We’ve done everything. Now we’ve come to final and most interesting part. So let’s complete it and add a few bitcoins to our account (I’m going to buy a portion only).

buy bitcoin from zebpay

Open your Zebpay bitcoin wallet app and tap on buy.

Enter amount in the box that should be equal to or less than your Zebpay wallet balance. Then again tap on buy.

buy bitcoin from zebpay wallet account

Next you’ll be asked to enter your security PIN. Simply enter your PIN to proceed.

That’s it. Bitcoins/portion of bitcoin will be added to your bitcoin wallet.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully bought bitcoins. You can sell them anytime by tapping on Sell button and amount will be added to your bitcoin wallet as soon as possible. Then you can transfer that amount to your bank by tapping on withdraw button.

Thank you very much for reading this post. Was this post helpful? I tried to make this post brief and clear so you can easily know how to buy bitcoin from Zebpay. However, let me know if you need further clarification or help. I’m here to answer your queries.

Disclaimer: This post is for information purpose only. Don’t take this information as an investment suggestion. As you know cryptocurrencies are highly volatile therefore invest in them on your own risk.

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