How to Turn OFF Auto Update Apps Android Feature

Auto update apps Android

Do you want turn off auto update apps Android feature? Though it’s not recommended at all but if you’re on metered connection then you can do so by reading this post.

Nowadays, our smartphones remain flooded with apps and these apps are subject to frequent updates which directly consume significant data of your internet pack. Apps developers always work to make their apps more user-friendly by adding more and more features and also they do slog over to make their apps bug and malware free.

By default, your phone’s auto update apps Android feature automatically updates your apps whenever there’s an update available. It’s a good feature that takes cares of your apps.

But many apps developers update their Android apps very frequently which becomes annoying for their users. It’s always recommended that you’d keep your mobile’s auto update apps Android feature ‘ON’ all the time. But sometimes some apps updates may be ignored for example if developer has added a new feature and that’s useless for you then you can ignore that.

To control your Android apps updates, you’ll need to turn off auto update apps Android feature of your phone.

All Android phones let their users turn on or off Android automatic updates. As mentioned earlier, one should always opt automatic Android apps updates because this way your mobile apps remain bug free.

However, in certain cases, users can disable automatic updates on Android phones for example if you’re on a metered connection then to save your data, you can turn off automatic apps updates.

Also, Android phones come with some pre-installed apps that most of us barely use. Since these apps come pre-installed due to which you cannot uninstall them. However, you can stop them from updating and put them on sleep mode so these cannot use your phone’s battery and resources.

To keep your mobile apps up-to-date and safe against viruses, phone operating system developers keep Google Play Store auto update apps Android feature enabled by default.

If you want to disable this feature then I’ll help you do so. If somehow you’ve disabled auto-update apps feature then I’ll also show you how to re-enable auto update apps feature. So let’s see how to turn on or off automatic updates on Android phones.

For your information, you can turn off automatic updates for a specific app or for all apps, or vice versa.

Here are some important points you should know before disabling/enabling auto update apps Android feature:

  • If you’re on metered connection then to save your internet data you can disable automatic updates.
  • Instead of disabling auto updates for all apps, you should disable auto updates for apps that bother you most.
  • If you don’t update your mobile apps then your important phone data may be compromised.
  • You’ll not be able to use latest features of the apps and sometimes you’ll not be able to use the app for example if you want to use WhatsApp then you’ll have to keep it updated.
  • If you’re on unlimited data then there’s no sense in disabling automatic app updates.
  • Always keep banking apps and the like apps updated.

Turn off automatic Android apps updates for a specific app

If you’re going to disable automatic updates due to a single app then instead of disabling updates for all Android apps, disable updates for a specific app that bothers you most. Let me show you how to disable updates for a specific app in Android.

Auto update apps Android

Open Google Play Store and then tap on hamburger icon in the top-left corner and then tap on “My apps and games”.

There select ‘Installed’ tab and then you can see all installed apps. Now, swipe down and select an app to stop automatic updates for that.

turn off automatic updates

On the next page, touch three dots appearing in the top-right corner.

Uncheck the box front of ‘Enable auto-update’.

That’s it. You’ve successfully disabled auto update apps Android feature for your selected app. You can repeat the process to disable updates for other apps. Now the app will not update automatically, however, you can manually update that by heading to “My apps and games” section.

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How to disable auto update apps Android for all apps

To completely disable auto update Android apps feature, open Google Play Store and touch hamburger icon and swipe down and tap on settings.

app updates android

Under General tab, you will see ‘Auto-update apps’ option. Touch that option and choose ‘DO not auto-update apps.’

Ta da! You’ve successfully turned off automatic updates in your Android phone. Now, you’ll have to update apps manually.

To update your apps manually, tap on hamburger icon and touch ‘My apps and games’, there you can update apps manually.

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How to update apps on Android automatically

I strongly recommend it. If you want to keep your data secure then keep all of your mobile Android apps up-to-date. If a developer finds a security bug then he/she promptly updates his/her app so users’ data will not be compromised.

Developer does his/her job but if you don’t update your app timely then it would not be developer’s mistake.

Note: If you’re on unlimited data connection then there’s no sense in disabling auto Android updates feature.

To re-enable automatic updates in Android, open Google Play Store and touch hamburger icon and swipe down and tap on settings.

Under General tab, tap on ‘Auto-update apps’ option and choose your preferred option (see screenshot 5 and 6). Available options will be:

  • Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only: If you’ll choose ‘Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only’ then only Wi-Fi connection will be used to update your apps.
  • Auto-update apps at any time : Similarly, if you choose  ‘Auto-update apps at any time’ then phone will use Wi-Fi or mobile data, whichever available, to update your apps.

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