Author: Sunil Kumar

  • How to change Email Address on Facebook

    You can change your current email id on Facebook. To do this first of all, you have to add a new email address on Facebook because without an email address you cannot use Facebook. So first of all, to delete your email address on Facebook, you need a new email address to add on Facebook […]

  • Nokia Lumia:- Download Nokia Lumia Ringtones

    To make Ringtones for Nokia Lumia, you need to Download “Ringtone Maker” which is available on Market Place in “Apps from Nokia” section. I’m very thankful to Nokia because I search so many websites to download Ringtones for my Nokia Lumia but I couldn’t find any websites which have ringtones for my Nokia Lumia. Now with the […]

  • How to give Self Introduction in an Interview?

    In a job interview your first question would be pertaining to your Introduction. In introduction, we describe ourselves. Usually, in introduction, we include things like what we are, what are our strengths and weaknesses, our skills, our education qualification, hobbies, career goal, and work experience etc. A catchy introduction should have a well organized format. If […]

  • How to install Windows 7 from USB

    Sometimes, we want to install Window/Operating system to our PC/Laptop from USB Pen Drive due to failure of our DVD Writer  or due to some other reason. It is very easy to  install windows 7 to your PC through USB Pen Drive. You just need a software to do this and to my mind Wintoflash is a perfect tool/software […]

  • Nokia Lumia 610:-The Windows Live ID service is unavailable at the moment.Try again later

    Nokia Lumia 610 is a very nice phone, its elegant design lures customers. It provides quickest way to connect with your friends; you can accesses your emails, updates from your friends from your home screen easily. Nokia Lumia 610 has 5 megapixel camera with flash light that gives you better camera experience.

  • Facebook-How to hide your Facebook Friends List

    Today Facebook plays very important role in our life. We can keep in touch with our friends, relatives etc with the help of Facebook. If you are not online even though you can get SMS notifications on your mobile number. When you create Facebook account due to default settings everyone can see your images, friends […]

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