Android Oreo Update Dates for Samsung Smartphones

Samsung has prepared the Android Oreo 8.0 update for its smartphones to improve mobile experience of its users. Latest Android update brings some worthy features with it and that’s why many of us curiously wait for that. All smartphone manufacturers provide latest Android versions in their brand new phones and after some time they start providing the same to their existing smartphone users. You might be curiously waiting for the latest Oreo update and now your wait is over. Samsung has started providing latest Android versions to its existing smartphone users. Here, you can know expected Oreo update date for your Samsung smartphone. Android Oreo update will make your device more convenient to use.

Here are some Android Oreo features:

  • You will be able to hide albums directly from your Gallery app.
  • While using Smart View feature, you can turn off your mobile screen to save your device’s battery.
  • Toolbar added to keyboard to access many features easily. This will enhance your messaging experience. You will also be able to see some new emojis.
  • New clock styles have been added for lock screen and Always On Clock.
  • You can tap and hold on an app to see specific shortcuts.
  • Notification panel and notification badges on apps are now linked together which means clearing a notification from either side will clear notification from both sides. In earlier Android Nougat OS, you’ll have to clear the notification separately.
  • You will also be able to see some home screen improvements such as Apps options, Dual Messenger, and the like.

Here are the Samsung smartphones that already have received latest Android Oreo update:

oreo update date

According to Samsung Members app India, Samsung has successfully provided Oreo update to these smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo update date: 23-March-2018

Samsung Galaxy Note8 Oreo update date: 13-April-2018

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 Oreo update date: 17-May-2018

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Oreo update date: 29-May-2018

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 Oreo update date: 23-May-2018

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Oreo update date: 08-June-2018

Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 Oreo update date: 12-July-2018

Here are the Oreo update dates for other Samsung smartphones

Samsung Members app shows dates for Samsung smartphones that are likely to get Oreo update. You can install (if not installed yet) the app to read latest updates there.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt Oreo update date: August-2018

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Oreo update date: September-2018

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro, J5 Prime, and J7 Prime 2 Oreo update date: September-2018

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 Oreo update date: September-2018

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Oreo update date: September-2018

Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 Oreo update date: September-2018

Samsung Galaxy On Nxt Oreo update date: October-2018

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Oreo update date: October-2018

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Oreo update date: October-2018

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Oreo update date: October-2018

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 and J7 Max Oreo update date: November-2018

Samsung may delay these updates if it finds any issue. Note: If your phone is not listed then fret not Samsung will update your phone to Oreo in the next year.

How to install Android Oreo 8.0 in your Samsung device?

If you’ve enabled auto updates on your Samsung device then you’ll receive notification regarding it. Otherwise, you will have to manually update your device to Latest Android version. I suggest you enable automatic software updates. For that purpose, head to settings > Software update > turn on ‘Download updates automatically’.

To manually update software of your Samsung phone, go to settings > Software update > tap on ‘Download updates manually’. After tapping on the option, it will search for latest updates. If it finds an update, just tap on download and thereafter install it.

How to check current Android version of your Samsung smartphone?

If you don’t know currently on which Android version your smartphone is running then to know that go to settings > About phone > Software information > there you can see your phone’s current Android version. Tip: Tap three times on ‘Android version’ to see current Android version logo.

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