Adsense :- How to get Google Adsense approval in few days

Adsense is a program that allows Bloggers or site owners to monetize ads on their sites/blogs. By doing this they can earn money from their sites/blogs. But to get Adsense approval is not so easy task as well as not impossible one. Everyday thousands of bloggers apply for Adsense approval but most of them get disapproval. It’s a really very bad experience when anyone get rejected. Many bloggers give up blogging when they get rejections and rest of them get confused that why did we get disapproval from Adsense team though we follow everything carefully. Adsense team never want to disapprove any blog/site but they only disapprove anyone’s blog/site when they find that site/blog is not complying with Adsense policy.

Adsense approval

One thing that I would like to tell you that never retreat once you started because it’s never been easy to earn money. You may face some difficulties to get Adsense approval but in the end of the day you will get approved by Adsense team. All you have to do is slog over. Enhance your writing skills and write genuine contents. Genuine contents is a key of success for any blog so write genuine posts and write for your audience not to earn from Adsense. Once you will start following this rule you will get Adsense approval readily.

One more thing, do every thing for the publicity of your blog for example; link your blog to social media sites, allow guest writing on your blog etc.I am going to explain you some crucial steps to get Adsense approval easily. These steps are not new i thing you may already know about them but you might not take them seriously so this time to get approved by Adsense follow each and every step carefully.

Google webmaster Tool: Google webmaster is a precious tool for any blogger. With the help of this tool we can find out serious issues concerned to our site/blog for example; crawling errors in our blog, hacking related issues to our blog, policy violation notifications etc. Moreover, you can check your site’s performance and you can submit your site map on Google webmaster tools to get indexed on Google search engine. You must use it to make your site error free and to get optimum results from your site/blog. If 404 errors exist in your site then you should solve them. Do not know how to remove such errors then read this post “How to remove 404 Page Not Found Errors  from blogger?”

Google Analytics: With the help of Google analytics you can see traffic sources of your site and you can get statistics about your site. You can check that from where your audience is coming for example; it will show you that how much traffic you have been getting from search engines, social media sites, and other sources.

About Me: It is a crucial part of your blog. You should take it seriously because your visitors may want to know who you are and what are your skills. Therefore, add an about me page on your blog and write a brief description about yourself to show your visitors who you are, what are skills and why you are blogging etc.

Add Social Media Buttons: You may grow your audience by adding social media buttons in your blog. This is not essential to get Adsense approval but this works very well to increase daily visitors. Social networking sites are very beneficial to attract more audience. Therefore, you should link your site to social media sites like; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube etc.

Submit Sitemap to Search Engines: To get better indexing by search engines must add your sitemap to different search engines like; Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. By doing this search engines can categorize your site more systematically. To learn more about sitemaps read this “How to submit sitemap on Bing,Yahoo, Yandex and Google webmaster” (External link) .

Own Domain Name: First of all, I would like to tell you that it is not compulsory to buy own domain name to get Adsense approval. Own domain name just gives a professional look to your blog. Visitors gives more value to your posts and they take you more seriously. We can take own example that whenever we search for any query on internet we prefer to click on .com blogs instead of or blogs etc. Many bloggers do not buy custom domain name because they think that according to adsense policy (This policy is not for all countries) after buying own domain name they have to wait for 6 months to get Adsense approval but I want to tell you that I got Adsense approval when my domain was just 2 month old.

Categorize Your Blog Contents: Make categories in your blog according to your blog posts. Your visitors can read more posts of your blog if you have categorized your blog contents.

Pageviews: First of all, I’d like to tell you that it does not matter how much daily pageviews you have been getting on your blog. Your blog may be rejected whether you have 1000 pageviews per day If your blog is not complying with adsense policy. But pageviews is a very important doohickey because your earning is totally depends upon your daily visitors. So before applying for Adsense make sure at least you have 500-1000 pageviews per day.

Customized 404 Error Page: Whenever, you update or delete your posts on your blog then these pages still appear in search results. When anyone click on them then they see Page not error.If your blog/site has too many page not found errors then search engines may ignore your blog. Moreover, visitors do not like to click on such sites who have page not found errors.Therefore, you should remove 404 error pages on your site and as we know that its very difficult to eliminate all 404 error pages from our site so it would be great to add a customized 404 error page to our site.Read this post for more information “How to create a customized 404 Page Not Found Error Message?”

I have written two posts to get Adsense approval. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to follow both of them to get Adsense approval. The link of second post is here “14 Extremely Important Tips to get Google Adsense Account approval”. I’m cocksure that you will get Adsense approval by following these tips.


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