5 Best Ad Placements to Increase Your Blog Revenue

If your ads are not performing well on your blog then it means your ads are not placed on right place. A precise ad placement is very much essential to get high rate of clicks and CPC (Cost per click). An ad placement is an experimental process in which you have to do some experiments by changing the positions of your ads, and where ever your ads perform well those positions would be ideal for your blog/site.
Your ad placement must be according to your blog layout. However, there are some best positions for ad placements, which are ideal for almost all blogs. These ad placements are well practiced by pro bloggers. To earn maximum from your blog your prime motive must be to produce high quality of content. If you are providing valuable information to your visitors then surely you will earn decent revenue from your blog. In this post, we will be showing you five best ad placements to earn maximum revenue from your blog before coming to the point you should keep in mind that:

  • Do not organize your site content and ads in such a way that these mislead users.  Your ads should not interrupt users to viewing your site content.
  • Produce high quality of content that can generate more traffic.
  • Do not place more than three ad units on a single webpage. Although, you can place more than three ads on a webpage (With combination of ad units, links ad and search boxes) but more ads mean more site loading time and bad user experience.
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·         Divide your ad placements in two sections above fold and below fold.
·         Your ads should not be mix up with your site content and ads should be separate from your site content. Users should know that these are ads.
·         There should be an appropriate gap between ad units.
·         For more information read Adsense ad placement policy.

5 Best ad placements to earn maximum revenue from your Blog

You have to be creative to find ideal ad placements for your site. Ideal ad placements can double your earning with same page views. Here we have given five best ad placements for a blog. Use three of them at a time and track their performance, which one is not doing well change that ad placement (There is no harm in testing). Keep it up until you find ideal placements.
1. Below Header: This is an ultimate ad placement position. Almost, all pro bloggers use this position to show their affiliates links or advertisements. In Google Adsense heat map this position is shown in orange color which means this position generates high rate of clicks. Horizontal banners 728*90, 970*90, 320*100, 970*250, 468*60 are ideal for this position.
adsense placement
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2. In the Sidebar: This position is best for large skyscraper or responsive ad unit. Ads at this position have high CTR (Click Through Rate) value which means this position can generate more revenue than others. You should place a large skyscraper or responsive ad unit here. Vertical banners 300*600, 300*1050, 160*600, 120*600, 120*240 are best for this position.
adsense ads placement
3. At the top of Sidebar: This is also an ideal position to get more revenue from your ad units.
 best adsense ads placement
4. Under the post title:  Ad sizes 336*280, 300*250, 250*250, 200*200 perform well at this position. Do not use ads below header and ads under the blog posts simultaneously because this will leave very thin content above the fold, which is not good for your blog as per Adsense policy. You should know that visitors are coming to your site to get relevant information regarding their search queries not to click on your ads.
best adsense ads location
Warning: Read Adsense Ad Placement policy before implementing Adsense Ads directly under post title.
5. In the post’s footer: Placing ads here may give you more revenue. Here you can use a link ad unit, horizontal banner or small square ad units.
best adsense ads spot
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As we discussed earlier ad placement is a strategic process so it can take some time to find suitable position for your ads. Once you find best positions for your ads then it will boost your earnings.
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