10 Legitimate Ways to Earn Money Online More Than Your JOB offers

Before 2013, for me, it’s hard to believe that we could earn money online. I was one of you who used to believe that 9 – 5 job and own business were only ways to earn money. I’m differently wired person and I’m my own boss and believe me it is very hard for me to follow others orders, therefore, I was reluctant to do a job and I was not in a condition to start my own business  so I opted online career. Here, I am not saying doing a job is bad but as said earlier there are some differently wired people who refuse to live 9 – 5 life (I’m one of them). I used to spend a lot time on internet and computer and many a times, I tried to find a way to make money from home but unfortunately I couldn’t have found any way to do so. But, I’m very stubborn and I kept on searching the ways to earn money online eventually I came across a blog post and I got to know that blogging is a real way to earn money online. Thereafter, I launched a blog and started writing online content and with slog over now I’m earning money online more than my job offers. Meanwhile, I learnt so many ways to earn money online and today I’m going to tell you real ways to earn decent money online.

I believe in equal opportunity therefore today I’m going to reveal 10 ways that I’m using to earn money online and you can also try your luck.

Earn money online sounds very lucrative but every coin has two sides therefore there are some pros and cons of doing online work and before jumping to the list of ways to earn money online, let’s take a look on pros and cons of earning money online.

earn money online

Pros of doing online work –

  • No one controls you, you’re your own boss and you decide your working hours.
  • You’ve flexibility to do your work.
  • You could earn decent money.
  • You do your work from within the comfort of your home.

Cons of doing online work –

  • There’s no guaranty that you’ll earn money online because it totally depends upon your skills and earn money online is not for everyone. Out of 100 only 10-15 people make money online rest of all give up and return to their regular jobs. And from 10-15 people, who make money online, only 1-3 make decent money. This is a bitter truth of earn money online and you should be aware of it.
  • Earn money online is not for work shirkers. If you think earn money online is very easy then for your kind information, Bloggers, Vloggers, or people who earn money online work for 12-14 hours daily to earn real money. You would need to be consistent and disciplined and initially you’ll need to do work restlessly and at the top, after all hard work, there’s no guaranty that you will earn money online.

 Do’s while trying to earn money online –

  • Be patient, earn money online initially requires a lot of time and sometimes people spend years to get their first payment for example I got my first payment after one year; which was only $100 or Rs. 6K.
  • If you really love to do online work then welcome otherwise think twice before opting any earn money online method.
  • Once you become familiar with these ways then you will earn real money.

Don’ts  while trying to earn money online –

  • Don’t leave your current job until you start getting good money from your online work.
  • Don’t build castles in the air that you will become rich soon with these earn money online methods as said earlier out of 100 only 1-3 people can do so.

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Here are 10 Ways to Earn Money Online –

Youtube –

This is the most easiest method to earn money online and you hardly need to invest any amount to start your own Youtube channel. There are many renowned Youtubers who are earning decent money from their channels for example – ||SuperWoman||, Technical Guruji, Unbox Therapy, Hindi Trek (Mine, too small but exists). If you have knowledge of any particular field then you can start your own Youtube channel today to earn money online. You can find plenty of tutorials on Youtube on how to start a Youtube channel. I recommend you to try this method which is the easiest and trusted method to earn money.

Once your Youtube channel starts getting views say 100+ views per day then your channel becomes eligible for monetization and you can show ads on your Youtube videos to earn money. If your channel gets 20,000+ (approx.) subscribers then you will get paid reviews and sponsorship offers.

Blogging –

Blogging, I love it, is one of the best way to earn money online. If you can write well and love to do so then this is the platform that can subside your appetite of earn money online and you would love it. Nowadays, you don’t need to be a techy to start a blog, anyone, with basic computer knowledge, can start a blog. You can launch your blog today on any topic like how to, where you’ll teach people; food, very famous nowadays; travel, share travel and places information, insurance, aware people about insurance, and the like.

After writing, 10-20 blog posts if you start getting significant traffic then you can apply for Google Adsense, it’s an ad serving program of Google, or the like program to earn money online. There are so many ways to earn money from blogging for example you can add direct affiliate links of product to your blog posts and if someone makes purchase through your affiliate link then you will earn commission (many bloggers are earning lacs by doing so), you can get advertisement offers from brands, you can get paid review offers; if you review products on your blog, and your can also apply for CPM ad networks.

There are two ways to start a blog: you can start your blog on free blogging platform like Google Blogger or you can start your blog on shared hosting platform by paying hosting fee. I recommend you to start with free blog to know how blogging works and then move to shared hosting blog.

Don’t worry! Blogging is not so difficult. It’s the real way to earn money online.

Buy and Sell Domain –

This method of online earning is being used by professionals. Here, you buy a domain name from a domain registrar like Godday, Big Rock, 1&1, Google Domains etc, at the rate of $2-3 or Rs. 99 for first year, thereafter $14 or Rs. 1K per year. After holding it for 2-5 years, you sell it with significant margin say with 20-100 times profit. Here are some interesting stats for you: insurance.com domain sold for $35.6 Million in 2010, internet.com sold for $18 Million in 2009, VacationRentals.com sold for $35 Million in 2007 (Source WikiPedia Link).

You can also try your luck in domain buying and selling. If luckily you could find a domain, who has a market value, then you can make real money from it.

It’s not so easy to find a domain name with market value but with research one day you can find a domain name that can make you rich.

Website Flipping –

It’s somewhat like domain buy and sell. In website flipping, you create a blog or website, nowadays both are almost same, and publish some articles on it and when your blog or website starts getting significant traffic, you sell it with 20-30 times profit. This method is very lucrative and genuine. There are many smart people out there who prefer to buy well established websites instead of wasting time on new websites. Therefore, it’s a trending business where both parties: buyer and seller, make profit.

It’s not a difficult task to make a blog or website famous if you know about search engine optimization (SEO). If you’ve good knowledge of insurance or food or travel then you can start a website on any topic and once you start getting traffic then you can sell it with desired margin.

Affiliate Marketing –

In affiliate marketing, you promote a product through a channel like Youtube, Facebook Fan Page, or Blog using your affiliate marketing ID and once someone buys a product using your affiliate ID then you receive commission. Many people earn decent amount using affiliate marketing and it’s a totally legitimate method of online earning.

First, you would need to start a Youtube channel or FB Fan Page or Blog and then you can start promoting desired products on your Youtue Channel, FB Page, or Blog. You can sign up for any affiliate program like Amazon, Ebay, because almost all brands have affiliate programs and these are free to use; you don’t need to pay any fee to sign up.

In affiliate marketing, you get 10-30% commission (depends upon product) which means if you help company to sell a product worth $1000 or Rs. 1Lac then you will get $300 or Rs. 30K as commission.

Stock Trading –


If you’ve interest in share market then by researching and reading some stock trading books, you can start stock trading. It’s a very fascinated place for investment. Though, it’s risky but not that much, if you thoroughly research before investing money.

You can find many useful tutorials on Youtube and internet to learn how to trade in share market. You can start investing in Intraday in which you buy and sell stocks on the same days, many people earn significant money by doing so. Though, it’s very hard to opt it as a career but some people do so.

Another trending method of investment is Bitcoins. If you’ve some money then it’s strongly recommended that you invest in Bitcoins because people are getting very good returns from them. At the time of writing this post, one Bitcoin was equal to $2595.38 or Rs. 166881.87.

Disclaimer: Stocks and Bitcoins values are subject to change, therefore, invest your money very carefully.

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Sell Photos –

sell photos online

If you love to capture photos then there’s a good news for you that you can earn money online by selling photos online. There are many websites on internet that allow you to sell photos online. All you have to do is just capture high quality photos of your local famous places and upload them on image selling websites like Shutterstock to earn money from them.

You may be wondering, “why would someone buy images online?” Let me explain, let’s say, you’re in USA and you’re writing an article on Taj Mahal, an ivory-white marble mausoleum in India, and you need high quality supporting images for your article. Now tell me, what would be beneficial for you, buying supporting images online which would cost you about $10-$50 or coming to India to capture your images which would cost you thousand dollars? Did you get what I want to say?

If you own a DSLR camera then this is an opportunity for you to earn money online by selling photos of famous places. Some websites pay you $100+ per image if you’re a professional photographer.

Hey! What are you waiting for? Grab your DSLR and capture some stunning images to earn money from them.

Start Online Store –

start online store

You can start you own online store today without having any coding knowledge. If you’re a DIY kind person then you can launch your own website and then integrate e-commerce feature to it or if you want to do it quickly then you can hire a professional to do your job from websites like Freelancer. You can sell anything on internet and it does not require millions invest. You can start with small invest say 2-4 Lacs. Here is a motivational story for you:

Flipkart, an e-commerce website in India, founders, Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal started it with initial investment of $4000 (estimated) or Rs. 4 Lakh and now its net worth is about $15 million.

You can also start your online store to try your luck. It’s very easy to start an online store. You can find videos, pertaining to this topic, on Youtube.

Web Design or SEO –

become web designer

If you’ve knowledge of web designing then there are lots of opportunities to earn money online. Web designers are in peek demand because more and more brands and shopkeepers are opening their online stores and they need professional web designers to make their websites user friendly.

Having good knowledge of search engine optimization means you can earn as much as money you want. Brands spend thousands of dollars to make their websites search engine friendly and for that purpose they hire search engine optimization specialists. A search engine optimization specialist earns $2K-3K or Rs. 100K-200K (minimum) per year.

Freelancer –

Freelancer is a website where employers can hire employees for long term or short term projects and you can register yourself on this website to get hired. This is a best way to work from home, many people opted it as a carer and they earn lots of money by doing short term or long term projects. There is a vast list of jobs and you can find your skill related job there. Copy writing, blogging, writing, short stories writing, web designer, SEO, slogan writing, logo designing, teaching and tutoring, creative design, sales and marketing, graphic designing, mobile app development, branding and public relations, 3D modelling and CAD, game development, translation, web research, legal services, photography, social media coordinator, audio and video production, data entry jobs, human resource management, architecture services, delivery services, and photography jobs are in peek demand on this site.

You can find many more job opportunities there. Employers offer lucrative incentives if you finish your task within the time period.

Bonus Tip –

Bounty Programs –

If you use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc, too much then you can also earn money from them. Many websites and software developers offer compensation for reporting bugs. If you know how someone can misuse a social media website or app then you can inform concerned website admin through his bounty program to earn incentive. Here is a proof, recently Anand Prakash, Software Security Engineer at Flipkart, received $15,000 from Facebook for reporting a bug issue.(Source Link)

Final Words –

It’s indeed that you can earn money online. Above are totally legitimate ways to earn money online, you can find many more other ways to earn money online, but always remember earn money online is not so easy therefore it’s my personal advice to you don’t leave your current job until you start earning money online.

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